On the left, you'll see 60 adult quilts and 50 children and youth quilts and pillows going to hurricane relief in North Carolina. Our quilters produce over 300 quilts a year!!! And prayers go with each one! Well done ladies.

Point of Grace is a growing church that seeks to faithfully teach, proclaim, and promote the word of God, as presented in the Christian Bible, and its life-changing gospel message of Jesus Christ. Point of Grace ("PoG") is a member of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, an organization of some 6,200 Lutheran/Christian congregations worldwide. We directly trace our teachings and confession of faith to the original Protestant Reformation's seminal teachings as presented in Lutheranism's Book of Concord. Their foundational principles are based upon the three Reformation emphases of: "by God's grace alone, through our personal faith alone, from the Holy Scripture's (the Bible's) teachings alone." 

As seen in the picture to the left, we currently(as a startup church) worship in a small, strip mall storefront. Our Sunday morning worship is a creative blending of both traditional hymns and more contemporary Christian music, presented within a general "liturgical"(structured) worship format which reflects our Lutheran roots. Our service music and accompaniments are an instrumental and vocal blending of acoustic guitar, saxophone, electric keyboard, and worship choir.

We warmly welcome and encourage people to explore our church's spiritual vitality and life, and God's many wondrous blessings and promises to us through His incarnate Son' - Jesus Christ. If you have any questions, or simply wish for more information, lease feel free to contact our Vacancy pastor, Rev. Quentin G. Poulson, at qgirard@bellsouth.net.

WORSHIP LOCATION IS: 20700 N. Main St.(Route 115/Old Statesville Road), Suite 104,Cornelius , North Carolina 28031

VOICE MAIL may be directed to: 704-248-2776

"SNAIL" MAIL may be sent to: Point of Grace Church PO Box 1505 Huntersville NC 28070


WEDNESDAY NIGHTS (at the church):  We meet for a video Bible study until 8pm.