• Pr. Fred Hoffman

    Pastor Hoffman has been at Point of Grace since July 2013. He has served three previous congregations in Virginia, South Carolina, and in Concord, having been in ministry since 1997. Please feel free to give him a call and chat. Or email or text. 

    You can find him here:

    704-305-0930: cell and text


  • Alex Mauldin

    Alex plays keyboards and helps lead the Praise Team. Alex is a phenomenal keyboardist and scores plays and short films!

  • Other Leaders

    Pastor: Fred Hoffman (704) 305-0930 fhoffman7@gmail.com

    Pastor Emeritus: Bill Gittner (704) 365-1418 wgittner@bellsouth.neet

    Pastoral Assistant: Rev Quentin Poulson

    Pastoral Assistant: Rev. Ainslie Wagner

    Director of Music: Alex Mauldin (704) 839-3903 consider88@gmail.com

    Board of Trustees: